The world will soon have a new Clown Prince of Crime when Joker debuts. This time, he's a comedian played by Joaquin Phoenix, and he's ready to turn Gotham City's frown upside down no matter what it takes. A gritty, enigmatic trailer dropped on April 3, and between now and the film's October release date, imaginations are set to run wild. What's with the shot of him walking down Arkham Asylum's antiseptic hallways clutching a bouquet? What role will the still-intact Wayne family play in this twisted saga? What does a story about Gotham City without Batman even look like?

Only one thing is certain: this isn't going to be any old superhero film. Joker has ideas and ambitions that are totally new and untested, and we're willing to bet they'll impress. Here are all the reasons to get hyped about this brand new take on the Dark Knight's greatest nemesis, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.